From VIM Theme to Pygments CSS

Published on September 21, 2011

I have just converted a few VIM themes to CSS that can be used with Pygments using the python script described here (GitHub repo).

If anyone is interested (you’ll need this if you are using Jekyll), the GitHub repository with the CSS files can be found here and at the moment it contains the following VIM themes: desert, mustang, no_quarter, peaksea, railscasts, rdark, slate, wombat, nuvola.

Feel free to fork the repository and add your own converted themes, an example of the result using the github theme can be seen below, enjoy!

public static class IntTimes
			  implements ScalaObject

	public void times(Function1 what)
	private final int n;

	public IntTimes(int n)
		this.n = n;

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