This is the website of Umberto Raimondi, an italian software engineer that has worked over the years as consultant for companies ranging from corporations to startups, using a wide range of technologies, languages and frameworks.

This blog will mostly cover Swift and iOS development with in-depth articles about less known corners of the language.


You can reach me on twitter at @uraimo or send me an email, always available for a chat or to discuss work-related opportunities.
Alternatively, you can contact me, check out my resume or connect via Linkedin.

Open Source

I've released a few projects on Github that you could find useful, among them:

About this blog

If this is your first time here, these are some of the most popular posts on Swift:

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About this site

This site is built statically using Jekyll and uses a custom layout built with HTML5/CSS3. Syntax highlighting for code snippets is done via highlight.js and digrams are drawn using Sketch.

This is the blog of Umberto Raimondi, you can reach me at me@this domain.

I'm also on Twitter and GitHub.

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